Pneumatic cylinder: HEYE professionally manufacture various air cylinders from the very beginning of HEYE foundation .Some are suitable for domestic market and also some are suitable for international market such as DNC(ISO6431),DSNU(ISO64320,C85(ISO6432),SMC type standard cylinder,compact cylinder,mini cylinder etc.We adopt high quality material,imported seals and high-precision equipment to make sure the cylinder good quality.

        Air treatment units: Air treatment unit of HEYE adopts novel cyclone blade to separate water,impurity of compressed air.The efficiency of water diversion improved 10% than traditional structure.Filter elements are copper powder sintering and chemical fiber type.Water cup are with metal cap which is safely and reliable.Our G series air treatment are with exquisite appearance and novel structure and have won customers high praise.

        Solenoid valve/Mechanical valve: 5/2,3/2,5/3,and 2/2 solenoid valve,pneumatic valve,MFH,MLH tiger valve,Mechanical valves are high quality/price rate valves of HEYE。The valve parts are machined by high-precision CNC machining center,seals, coil and operator were tested and compared between our suppliers and chose the best one to guarantee our valve quality. The appearance and performance of VM mechanical valve are similar with SMC which with much better price.

        Pneumatic Accessories: HEYE also can supply various pneumatic accessories for our customers with good quality.Our HNC and HNL mini metal fittings are brass with nickel plated,have compact structure and can lock the air hose firmly,have good performance and the seals are resistance to high temperature of 240℃

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